Convenient way to identify
customers online

[verify-U] allows for seamless digital identification
and authentication, regardless of how you access the net,
or what end device you use.


Legally compliant identification in real time

[verify-U] is in full compliance with all requirements of the
Anti-Money Laundering Act, the Circular of the Federal Financial
Supervisory Authority, the De-Mail Law, the German Digital Signature Act,
and standard data protection regulations.


Swift and easy age verification

According to the Commission on Youth Protection in the Media (KJM)
and the Voluntary Self-Monitoring of Multimedia Service Providers (FSM),
[verify-U] complies with youth protection guidelines as well as the
specifications of the Gambling Council.


Certified security establishes absolute confidence

[verify-U] is certified by qualified testing agencies according
to the German Digital Signature Act and the European ETSI standard.


Conveniently close contracts directly online

With [verify-U], your customers can sign your contracts directly
online and in a legally binding manner by means of a qualified
digital signature.

Increase your customers’ satisfaction and become a part of the Trusted Internet

The online processing of legally valid, secure transactions is one of the basic prerequisites to being able to fully utilize the capacities of today’s digital world – without risk. However, online fraud caused by identity theft and forged identities is quickly rising damaging trust and confidence in online business.

But [verify-U] is putting the brakes on this trend: because our fast processes, free from media disruption, deliver legally compliant, certified identification of the end customer, and thus meet and exceed established know-your-customer (KYC) requirements. All your customers need is a cell phone, a form of identification, and internet access.

How does [verify-U] work?

[verify-U] allows 24/7 available personal identification, capable of handling transactions on a mass-market scale and irrespective of how the net is accessed or what end device is used. Thus, [verify-U] creates a platform for media-convergent product offerings.

See how [verify-U] verifies identities online to replace physical ID checks

Why [verify-U]?

Happy customers thanks to easy and fully digitized processes

Higher conversions through seamless identity verification

Less fraud through certified and verified identification

Instant ROI through rapid, synchronized on-board processes

Over 9 years experience

25+ Companies

already implement our solutions


individuals already verified their personal [verify-U] identity which they would like to use with your services as well!

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